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Get a Massage


how you want it.

“Have you ever had a massage and thought, that was great BUT I wish the massage therapist spent more time on my feet, or that one spot on the back”?

this is exactly what I do

In my massage room, I address the areas of concern before you even lay on the table and the difference? I listen. 

No ONE person is made the same. So, why should your massage be? I tailor my time with YOU.


You want more time on your neck? Done!

You want a few extra minutes on your feet? You got it! 

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Julie was born in Bogota'  Colombia and in 1989 her family came to Sarasota, Fl. to lay down a foundation. Julie has always loved school and considers herself a perennial learner. She is fascinated with the advancements massage therapy has made over the last decade. She hopes to help innovate this wonderful profession.

Julie is passionate about working together with her clients to obtain better mobility and less pain. Many of her clients have come to her for relief from chronic injuries and stress relief. She incorporates myofascial release therapy, trigger point therapy and orthopedic massage practices, to name a few.


During her sessions with clients, she may intertwine cupping therapy or gua sha to her service. She will always make a short term and a long term goal for her clients. This is imperative in order to obtain results. Julie uses the time wisely in order to make sure the client is receiving the BEST bodywork there is to offer.


Massage Therapy is Julie’s second career. She spent the first half of her "working career" in hospitality management and realized quickly that she always had a calling for the medical field. After suffering a horrific car accident herself, she realized that massage therapy was the sole reason she had any relief from years of pain. She couldn't imagine doing anything else now.

When she isn’t doing what she loves, you’ll find her dining at one of her favorite restaurants or watching Netflix.

She can't wait to see you soon!

New Client?

In a world where there is SO much to choose from, why should you decide to work with a certain Licensed Massage Therapist?

Julie is diligent when it comes to putting knowledge and skills together to help her clients achieve:

  • Improvement with range of mobility for those who have suffered an injury or limitation

  • Less discomfort upon rising in the morning and lying down in the evening

  •  Increase productivity in yoga, pilates, pickle ball, tennis, golf, swimming, running, and lifting

  • Minimal to zero discomfort sitting at a desk or standing long hours for work

  • She will provide a clean and luxurious treatment room to de-stress and reconnect with your body and soul


Remember Self-Care is Self-Love and is NO WAY  SELF-ISH!



Is working with Julie right for you?


My Signature


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"The Knitty Gritty"

This 90 minute service will make you feel "put together again" The extra time will allow the therapist to work on those long term goals you seek. Hot Towels, essential oils, cupping and other enhancements included in the service 

$175 - 90 MINS

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"Get right  "

This service is a blend of techniques focused on pain management using an array of different modalities. 

Assessment is a good place to start followed by a specific program to help achieve those wellness goals

$115 - 60 MINS

$175 - 90 MINS

" I got your back"

Designed to manipulate soft tissue, adhering severe tension,  to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface.

$115 - 60 MINS

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"Melt your troubles away"

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage uses warm salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and tension. They are used to promote an increased sense of well-being. Their grounding properties help to improve sleep and balance the central nervous system.

$115 - 60 MINS

$175 - 90 MINS


"I smell happiness "

This aromatherapy style massage is used to calm the nervous system while creating a blissful atmosphere for you to REALLY relax!

$115 - 60 MINS

$175 - 90 MINS



By Taking Care of Yourself, You're Taking Care Of Someone Else

love, Julie

Returning Client?



"I wish I could give more stars!! Julie is the most talented massage therapist I have ever visited. She worked on my “problem areas” with skill and expertise, in additional to it just being a very relaxing and comfortable experience overall. I have already sent her info to all of my local friends because everyone needs to go visit her!! I can’t wait to go back."


Timberly Williams




Do you offer

Mobile Massage Services:

Depending on the time of year, Mobile Massage Services may be available. Call for availability

Are gift cards


Gift certificates available

Fill out an appointment request to schedule.

Where is the office located?

Mindful Massage by Julie LLC is located at 3578 Clark Road, Suite 120 Sarasota, Fl. 34231. (Located inside Phenix Salon Suites)

Can I book online?

Existing Clients may book online.New Clients may submit a massage request form to set up first time appointment or call 407-405-3299

Is there Parking

available on site?

Yes, ample Parking available in front of the Suites

What does the "Respect Massage" logo mean?

Massage therapists that are members of Respect Massage hold themselves to the highest standards of an ethical, boundary-driven practice. Respect Massage members have a zero-tolerance policy for solicitations of any kind. Jokes, innuendo, and inappropriate requests are taken seriously and will result in the swift termination of the session. When choosing a practice displaying the Respect Massage logo, you can have confidence in the safety and professionalism you will experience as a client.

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How do I schedule an appointment?

First time clients may fill out the online request form to request a session at which point they will receive a follow up email or phone call for confirmation

Existing Clients may create a massagebook username and password and schedule through the “return client link”

Do you use essential oils?

Yes! Hot towels, pure grade essential oils, hot stones and a percussion massage gun may be included in your treatments

What time of payments

do you accept?

​Payments accepted include Cash, Zelle, credit card, debit card, Venmo, HSA( Health Savings account) and check

(A fee of $13 will be applied for any bounced checks)

Can I leave my clothes on for a massage session?

Yes! While receiving the most effective bodywork to target specific muscles, it is hard to achieve this over clothing. However, neck, feet and arm work is optional with stretching incorporated

Do you offer extra enhancements?

Yes! Facial gua sha, foot salt scrub, body sugar scrub are just a few of the extra pampering benefits offered




3578 Clark Road Suite 120 Sarasota , FL 34231  |  Tel: (407) 405-3299

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We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

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